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Karen, UK -

Posted 2015-06-28

I wanted to share my story of my coccyx pain and suffering, as reading other stories on this site helped me take the decision to visit Michael Durtnall for diagnosis and treatment and I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done. It has taken a lot of time and pain travelling as I live in Manchester and has also taken quite a lot of expense but I do not regret it one bit and could not spend my money on anything better than getting back to health and getting my life back.

My story started back in early 2014. I started with coccyx pain after a fall however I managed with it and it eased after several weeks, however did flare up occasionally afterwards. My symptoms became much worse in December 2014 for no apparent reason, the pain in my coccyx became unbearable and was like sitting on a knife continuously and the pain to raise from the seated position to standing was excruciating. Nobody seemed to understand the level of pain and the effect it has on your ability to lead a normal life.

I decided that it was time to visit my GP thinking that I would have some investigation and get some answers as to what was causing the pain. Over a period of the next few months I had 10 sessions of private physiotherapy and visited my GP several times only to be advised each time that I had coccygodynia and it was a condition that took a long time to recover from, there were no answers or help apart from medication to help with the pain (which did not help). I pushed further and eventually my GP agreed to refer me to the spinal unit at the hospital however this took months to actually progress.

Further problems developed such as numbness, tingling and pulsing sensations in my legs, feet and arms, I also later started with pains on the inside of my thighs which again was unbearable.

After several more trips to my GP and attending A&E, I was sent for a head and neck MRI scan and lumber spine MRI scan. No scan of the coccyx was actually performed at this stage. The results came back normal and I was back to square one. I was referred for Physio at the NHS which again did not help, I was actually told to complete exercises that made me arch my back which I found out later were making my problems worse! I attended a spinal outpatient clinic after they finally agreed to do an MRI scan on the actual coccyx/sacrum area, this again came back normal and I was told by a spinal consultant that the coccyx is a difficult problem, there is not much you can do but they could give me cortisone injections and manipulate it under sedation. After reading up on injections I respectfully refused knowing that this would speed up any fusing and making my problems worse.

The physio was obviously not working, I was becoming desperate and researched continuously on the internet to try to find some help. I read that some people had some results from chiropractors so I decided to take this step next. At this point I was becoming quite depressed and was now sick from work due to being unable to cope sitting at all. The pain was excruciating and the numbness, tingling and pulsing sensations were becoming quite unbearable too. The hospital had prescribed gabapentin which I reluctantly started to take but ceased after a few weeks when it did not help. I started treatment from Dr Scott Middleton at the Salford Chiropractic Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Lancashire) and we did have some success over about 4 sessions however the pain always returned. I decided after seeing the fantastic reviews of Michael Durtnall on the website (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) that I needed to take the step to visit him for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Since visiting Michael at the Sayer Clinic my life has completely changed, my recovery started as quite slow progress so took a lot of patience, determination and effort but after my 5th treatment this week I can say that I feel about 80% better. My coccyx pain has improved dramatically and other symptoms are gradually improving.

Michael took several digital x-rays on my first consultation and found that I had a leg length discrepancy, twisted spine and pelvis among other issues such as a huge swayback and neck problems which needed correcting with full postural rehabilitation. My sacro-coccygeal joint was angled backwards by 20 degrees and extremely stiff and beginning to calcify. Michael worked on improving these issues at my fortnightly appointments from the end of April 2015 onwards. I have just had my 5th session with him in mid June 2015 and have also started to see Sofia or Marta for Physio to help relieve some of the muscle tension that I have in particular on my left side. The treatment and advice I have received has been excellent and I am truly grateful for all their help to get me to where I am today. I will be continuing with their help and advice to aim to get to 100% as soon as possible and also adapt my lifestyle and working conditions to ensure I do not end up in this situation in the future.

I cannot express enough the difference this treatment has made to my life, this condition is very debilitating and causes problems in all aspects of your life, luckily Michael and his team completely understand and put in all efforts to help you recover, however you must be willing to put in the effort as well. I have completely committed all my time to my recovery over the past 2 months and it has been well worth the sweat and tears to be on the road to recovery and to getting back to health.

I will be feeding back my experiences to my GP who I am hoping will point any other patients in the future to this method of recovery instead of the option of over medicating and reliance on injections to numb the issue rather than finding a resolution. I live in hope that other sufferers find the help that I have and consider myself extremely lucky and privileged to have been treated by Michael and his team at Sayer Clinics.

Posted 2018-05-20

After treatment at Sayer Clinics in 2015, as described in my previous story, I am happy to confirm that I no longer suffer with coccyx pain at all and would say that I am 100% recovered, however I am much more aware of the benefits of self care and maintaining good health and posture which I continue to observe and maintain myself.

Due to the influence of the amazing therapists and practitioners that helped me get my life back on track, they inspired me to want to pursue a career in this field and I can confirm that I am now a qualified sports therapist and medical acupuncture therapist and am also continuing to develop on a manipulative therapy course this year. My goal now is to help and encourage others to live a full and happy life, be active and pain free.

My life has completely changed in comparison to the situation I found myself in back in 2015. I was at rock bottom due to the pain and depression that I suffered with before finding the help I needed to get me on the road to recover.

I would recommend Sayer Clinics to anybody suffering with this condition as I truly believe that they are the reason that I am here today to tell my story and the reason that I am entering into a new career to help others. Special thanks to Michael Durtnall and Marta Dias De Oliveira for all of their help and expertise.

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