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John, USA - Update - Surgery done - but left with a sharp point

AG - Update - Injection gave temporary relief

Anonymous, France (diagnosis), Lebanon (surgery) - Update - Left buttock pain after coccygectomy

Laura, USA - What do I do now? Help!

Gary, USA - Update - Large posterior bone spur on the tip of my coccyx

Amee, USA - Update - Hypermobile coccyx constantly dislocating

Leanne, USA - Update - Going for coccygectomy after other treatments failed

Theodore, USA - Full recovery after muscle manipulation

Emma, UK - Coccyx dislocated through childbirth, elective C-section for second child

Darna, UK - 90% improvement in coccyx pain

K. Chandrakala, India - New hope to my life from Dr. Mubashira

Tony, UK - Coccyx partially fused in a vertical position

Sayash - Feedback - Dr. Rajveer Singh

Riyad, USA - Physical therapy reduced the pain

Peter - Coccyx pain solved by Dr Durtnall after misdiagnosis on NHS

Dave T, USA - Update - Surgery in two days

Anonymous, UK - Virtually pain free after internal manual adjustment

Bill - Coccydynia after being bedridden for most of a year

Margaret Grimshaw - Update - Coccygectomy blog

Anonymous - Coccyx and pelvic pain: Dr Michael Durtnall, Sayer Clinics, London

Justine - Coccyx injury experience

Anonymous - Coccydynia caused by blood infection

Blake - 1 1/2 years of pain

Fiona - Miracle relief

Anjali - The Safety Net

T from Southern California - My injury and how I got better

Kenny - Update - Fall on ice

Liz - Messed up, too

Kinsey - Tailbone pain for nearly two years

Anita - Sports massage got rid of the pain

Amy - Success with Nari Clemons, Indiana

Denise - Surgery going well, so far

Julie - 4 months of hell. Please help me...

Iman - Coccyx pain improvement

Duncan - Coccyx discomfort and prostate cancer

Jan - Tailbone pain answer

Lynn - Finally found relief

Leon - Treatment by Dr Michael Durtnall @ Sayer Clinic

Amanda - Update - Abscess due to steroid injections - had to postpone my surgery

Thamarai - Review

John - Troubleshooting coccyx pain and possibility of infection?

Jan - Help!

Fatima - Cycle accident

Sapna - Coccyx pain and treatment from Dr. Syeda Mubashira

Anonymous - Coccyx treatment by Dr Rajveer Singh

Beth - Tailbone removed

Anonymous - Severe coccyx pain following a normal delivery

Karen - My experience with coccydnia

Amjad - Tail bone pain

Shona - Update - Considering coccyx surgery

Sarah - Protruding coccyx

Alex - Coccyx deformity

Wendy - Looking for suggestions

Sandra Mateus - My success with Dr Sarno's approach

Catherine - Pain for 10 years

Beth from New Zealand - Pain cured but returned

Patricia - Testimonial for Alain Michelotti

Parthasarathi Jena - 4th and 5th coccyx bone displaced

Michael O'Connor - Suffered with coccyx pain for about 15 years

Sarah - Coccygectomy in France

LCB - Patient of Christine M Wilson

@CoccydyniaLife - Raising awareness of coccydynia

Anonymous - Injury from "Teacup" ride

Sai Murali - Tail bone pain specialist in India

Anonymous - Coccygectomy performed September 2012 in Arizona

Amy - Success with manual treatment

Anonymous - Internal manipulations for coccyx pain

Nikhil - External and internal mobilization procedures

Emma - Back to a pain-free life

Anonymous - Coccygectomy - personal account plus surgeon/doctor recommendations in Melbourne, Australia

Kate - Worried about surgery

Debra Z - Successful surgery

Nic - Ditch the footstool

Deirdre - Fed up with Doctors giving the brush off

Anonymous - Internal adjustments on my tailbone

Reed - Best cushion for coccyx pain

Beverly - Considering a coccygectomy

Allah Bakash - Experience with Dr. Mubashira

Prathima - Coccyx pain treatment

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