Worried about surgery

Kate - kittyhawkchild@gmail.com

Posted 2013-02-24

After 15 years of hip pain, I found out that it is cause by the pain that I have always had in my coccyx. I had an injection of steroid into my tailbone last week that took care of all my pain and the doctor told me that the only way to really cure it was to have surgery. To say the least, I don't have a lot of confidence in him. He has done a lot of these surgeries but he seemed disinterested in my problem.

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and I need the name of another doctor that is good. I hope to improve the odds because I have had two very painful nerve surgeries before this that didn't work because the doctors did not take the time to figure out what is really going on. And I really need someone to talk to. A friend of mine was left in more pain than ever when he had the coccyx removed. Gulp!

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