90% improvement in coccyx pain

Darna, UK

Posted 2013-12-29

For over two years I suffered coccyx pain which had a huge affect on my life; sitting became more and more difficult and my passion, horse riding impossible. I cannot attribute a particular event to the onset of my condition; perhaps a fall from a horse or a minor car collision was the cause, to be honest, the cause never really mattered, it was a solution I needed!

After failed attempts from osteopaths and physiotherapists to relieve the pain, conventional medicine left me with three options; pain relief drugs, cortisone injections or coccyx removal surgery. Long term pain relief drugs and the side affects didn't appeal; injections that may (for a limited time) or may not help seemed less enticing; and the surgery option seemed wholly inappropriate as all attempts at diagnosing the problem had failed and therefore the problem hadn't really been identified!

With depression deepening, my partner found a recommendation from someone with a similar story to visit chiropractor Dr. Durtnall from the Sayer Clinic in London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I live in Belgium, so choosing a doctor in London seemed extreme, but desperate people take desperate measures!

Within 15 minutes, Dr. Durtnall had a diagnosis for me and we began discussing a treatment plan. I had a fusing sacrum-coccyx joint causing the coccyx to hang vertically rather than curl under; but I also had fusing sacroiliac joints and further up the spine in the neck area, further fusing and some scoliosis. So a treatment plan with weekly visits for chiropractic treatments and an intense exercise regime was devised.

I have been visiting Dr. Durtnall for 4 months now and can report a 90% improvement in the coccyx pain, in fact the remainder is likely to be fibrosis of the muscle protecting the area, rather than bone fusion now; and the neck is around 80% better. I have worked hard at supporting Dr. Durtnall's treatments by losing weight and exercising hard during this time and the results are so worth it.

I'll have a trial month without chiropractic treatment now and see where I'm at... I might even ride my horse!

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