Success with manual treatment


Posted 2013-03-17

After sitting awkwardly on a wooden floor, my coccyx became increasingly inflamed and painful to the point where I wanted to cry if I had to sit down at all, and it went on for weeks. I was taking a large quantity of painkillers and my Internet searches were very depressing, suggesting that I could be in for years of pain or surgery, and that most of the options for 'treating' it were ways of coping with the pain rather than curing the problem.

I had been seeing my chiropractor, Alain Michelotti (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Surrey) for several years and trusted him completely. When he mentioned he might be able to help I was delighted but not convinced. The manual treatment sounded like something I wouldn't normally consider but Alain's explanation made sense and I was desperate - he asked me to go away and think about it and I decided anything was worth a try.

On the day of treatment, I felt very embarrassed but Alain was, as always, completely professional and caring and quickly put me at ease. The treatment was mildly uncomfortable but quick and very bearable and Alain explained what he was doing as he carried out his work. There didn't seem to be a huge difference after the first treatment but after two I really noticed it and after a couple more I felt that my coccyx was back to normal - it really was amazing.

I would recommend Alain unreservedly and continue to see him regularly for 'maintenance' on my back but haven't had to have any further treatment on my coccyx.

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