Left buttock pain after coccygectomy

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Anonymous, France (diagnosis), Lebanon (surgery)

Posted 2013-02-10

Hello Everyone

I've been dealing with buttock pain (coccydynia) for the past 2 years. My experience is similar to what most have gone through especially with regards to finding an experienced doctor.

So I decided to visit Dr. Maigne in France, if not for treatment at least for the diagnosis. I already had my scans with me in which he immediately saw a spur at the tip of the coccyx. The next day, I underwent the usual treatment: dynamic x-ray and guided injection.

The reason I am writing is to share some of the things that helped me deal with the pain. Mind you I tried these things before going to Dr. Maigne (see Doctors and specialists in France), but I had a feeling I had a spur going by the statistics in his paper.

The first thing I tried is the Triple CV Coccyx Cushion after being recommended by Bernadette. My back was also starting to hurt, so I got a posture corrector brace (thoracic-lumbar-sacral). Luckily this has decreased my coccyx pain significantly. Not sure why, but I presume having a straight back was lifting my coccyx just enough not to hit the chair. The last thing is swimming, which is the best as far as non-weight-bearing exercises go.

All these were not requested by a doctor, but I figured if they don't do any good they shouldn't do any harm as well. My pain was a 7 out of 10 before and went down to a 3 out of 10. The injection is helping and now I would say I am at 2 out of 10.

The next step is a coccygectomy but for now I am coping.

Wishing you all a speedy recovery

Update, 2014-05-11

Hello everyone

I had my coccygectomy on Feb 1st, 2014. It went better than I expected, coccyx pain is much less now but there is one issue: Two weeks after the operation, I started having pain in my left buttock. Not sure if I strained my left glute or pain just started because I started sitting.

Anyways, 3 months after the fact I am still having pain in the left buttock. So I guess a muscle strain can now be ruled out. I am wondering if anyone had a similar issue after surgery. All I could find online is that it could either be Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction or Sciatica symptoms. Both of which not related to the coccyx area (bone or nerve wise).

I am going to see a doctor, but I am afraid I will have to go through the same experience I had with diagnosing coccydynia. Any input you can provide me is much appreciated.


Update, 2016-08-28

Hello all. I should have updated my post a long time ago, since I got a lot better.

So the buttock pain went away, it was either caused by Vitamin D deficiency or me leaning on my left side all the time. Please test your Blood Vitamin D level as it is very easy to diagnose and treat with Supplement Vitamin D3.

To update on my coccygectomy, I feel a lot better 31 months post op. I can say I am 99% healed, and I can manage travel and sitting with minor discomfort.

I ended up doing coccygectomy in Lebanon (my home country) under my insurance coverage. The surgeon was Dr. Said Saghieh (see Doctors and specialists in Lebanon).

One last advice to anyone still finding it difficult to find a good doctor, please go see Dr. Maigne in France at least for diagnosis.

Wish you all a full recovery.

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