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Amy -

Posted 2013-09-01

In February 2012, I took a hard fall down the stairs. I suffered a tremendous amount of pain that diminished some over time, but still continued to interrupt normal activities like sitting down at the dinner table or sitting on the floor and playing with my kids. It was painful to sit, painful to drive, and especially painful to stand up from a seated position. I asked my doctor about it and she told me that these types of injuries take a long time to heal and there isn't really much they can do about it. Finally, in October 2012, my doctor referred me to a physical therapist. I went in for my first appointment, she did some adjustments, and I felt great. However, a few hours later, the pain returned and I could barely get out of the car. By this time, my back was also starting to hurt because I had been standing so much to avoid the pain of sitting! I continued the therapy and different exercises for 5 more weeks. At the end of the 5 weeks, I still didn't have much relief from the pain. My therapist told me that she knew of this lady who specialized in coccyx pain and she referred me to her. Enter Nari! (See Doctors and specialists in the USA, Oregon, previously Indiana.)

I first saw Nari in December 2012. She talked with me, examined me, and assured me that there was no reason I shouldn't be able to be freed from this pain. Due to the holidays and scheduling conflicts, I was only able to see Nari a few more sporadic times, but around March we set up weekly appointments. Nari discovered that I had some pelvic floor dysfunction that was preventing the healing of my tailbone. It was also causing constipation and urinary issues. Nari worked with me for about 16 weeks. She not only did her therapy routines on me, but also taught me exercises, breathing techniques, and dietary changes that would help heal my body. We also figured out a way for me to sit in the car that virtually eliminated all of my pain while driving and getting out of the car. I almost wanted to cancel my last appointment in June 2013 (I had been driving 2 hours round trip weekly to see Nari if that tells you anything!) because I felt like I was healed. I went to the appointment, Nari agreed, and I was released. Today I'm feeling great! I don't even have to do anything special in the car to keep from having pain.

I can't thank Nari enough. She is a wonderful person. She truly took the time to really get to the root of the pain and heal my body. Her bedside manner is excellent - she makes you feel so at ease and she is very knowledgeable about her field. I would highly, highly recommend Nari if you are searching for healing from coccyx pain.

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