Coccyx pain treatment

Prathima -

Posted 2013-01-13

Hi. My name is Prathima working as a software engineer. 3 months back I fell in a market and damaged my tail bone. Initially I contacted an ortho specialist and got an x-ray done on the back-bone. Doctor has advised me to just take some pain killers and suggested a do-nut pillow... which did not help me a bit.

Because pain was becoming too unbearable, I started to search for a lady physio who could help me.. Luckily we got the details about Dr. Mubhashira from google (see Doctors and specialists in India) and immediately we took an appointment and started the treatment. The doctors have analysed the problem clearly and understood the problem of pain causing factor with dynamic x-ray of both back and tail-bone. Even the ortho has not done such a clear analysis. After taking ten sessions and following the exercises they have explained me, there is lot of relief and feel really relaxed whenever I come to the clinic.

The exercises which they teach here not only relieves your tail-bone problem but also the back-bone issues if you had in past. I really appreciate the experience they have in this field and the amount of care they take is really awesome. The doctors understand each and every problem regarding the pain in tail-bone and concentrate the area with utmost care.



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