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Laura, USA - lauraoliver_@hotmail.com

Posted 2013-02-10

Started noticing pain in my tail bone 5 months ago when I was studying for long amounts of time at my desk. At first, I would get up from my chair and would feel a pinching pain on my coccyx. After 2 months, the pain got so severe that I would have to very slowly get up from any chair I was in and the pain would intensify for about 30 seconds as I would stand up. Pain has now progressed and I feel pain even laying on my back when I sleep. Forget about driving for more than 10 minutes!

Had an xray done - results were normal, except for some minimal degeneration in S.I Joint

Had ultrasound done - results were normal, except for 5mm area of inflammation

Had MRI done - found out today results were normal

Doctor wants to refer me to orthopaedic surgeon.

I have been icing my coccyx, taking anti-inflammatory medication, bought a coccyx pillow (wedge typed seat with hole under coccyx) and when I'm at home, I spend the majority of the time laying on my side to avoid the pain of sitting.

I'm 23 years old, never had any injury, and I can't live with this pain the rest of my life! I don't know what options I have left and I have NO answers.

Has anyone ever heard of this before?

Note from Jon Miles - That symptom of an acute pain as you rise from sitting is typical of a coccyx that is dislocating when you sit down, then springs back when you stand. See Symptoms of coccydynia. It doesn't show up on a normal x-ray, because you are not sitting. There is a test, the dynamic sit/stand x-ray, designed to show it up.

Update, 2014-07-13

Unfortunately nothing has changed since my first post in February of 2013. I have now been living with the same annoying and painful discomfort for nearly 2 years.

Soon after my last post, I started going to Chiro and had manual tailbone maneuvers done to try to move my coccyx because "apparently" my coccyx was out of place. After 2 months, I stopped paying for that bogusness.

Then started seeing a Physiotherapist who provided me ultrasound treatments twice a week for about two months. This helped a lot at first - but it would only work for 24 hours. I would have a treatment done, then have no pain until 5 pm the next day. But soon after about 5 sessions, it stopped working completely.

In summer 2013, I saw an Orthopedic surgeon who basically said because all my tests were normal and my coccyx looked fine it wasn't his problem. I then gave up for awhile.

However, I'm having huge discomfort now when I sleep. The pain isn't only when I sit. In fact, most of my pain occurs now when I am laying on my back and my tailbone is laying on the ground. But it still hurts a lot to sit and to get up from sitting.

Because the pain is worsening, my family doctor started to try to find a specialist to see my case but NO ONE will see me. No one has experience with coccyx trouble. Every doctor keeps referring me to someone else, and just recently, an orthopedic surgeon referred me to a DERMATOLOGIST. Come on.

So I'm heading back to my family doctor soon to start the process over. Going to request new tests, new ultrasound, new MRI, and get this ball rolling.

Might I add: I also have a Sacral Dimple. Maybe this is tied to that! But no doctor will even investigate it.

Will update once I have another appt with family doctor.

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