Help - I want advice on surgery

Jan -

Posted 2013-07-14

When I was about 10 years old, many, many years ago, I slipped and fell directly on my tailbone. Knocked the air out of my lungs and could not breathe for 15 seconds. Never felt pain and never thought about it again. I noticed 2 years later that I was not able to lift my right leg as high as my left, one leg shorter than the other, left hip rotating inwards causing discomfort. At age 35 developed mild weakness in finger and legs that lasted 2 months and was given the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Fast forward to present day, now in a wheelchair, my spine is very compressed and seeing the chiro he notice that my coccyx is to the left side.

I now believe my symptoms are related to my misaligned coccyx, which with time caused the cascade my symptoms. Any tips, advice etc would be greatly appreciated. Would surgery be the best option?

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