Coccyx injury from "Teacup" ride

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Posted 2013-03-24

2 weeks ago my Husband, Son, Daughter in law and two Granddaughters all went to Disney World together. Our first day at the park we choose to visit Magic Kingdom for several reasons one of which was that the older kiddie rides are located there. I held my 6 year old Granddaugther's hand as we dashed over to the "Little Teacup" ride to select our teacup to sit in. The ride started and we were really having a wonderful time! Laughing and waving to the rest of our group, we whirled and twirled in our teacup around and around the circle we went. Suddenly, there was a large Boom sound followed by a mechanical sound of a large gear shifting followed by a slamming sound. If you've ever had a car accident at about 30 miles an hour, you'll know what sound I'm speaking of.

We climbed out of our teacup and went on our merry way around Disney. I didn't feel like riding anymore rides since I felt somewhat shook up and I thought I had a bruise from the Little Teacup experience. That night, I felt so beaten up that I only soaked in the bath and didn't go down to dinner with my family. The following days were not easy one by any means. My Husband and I rented the ECV scooters to be able to go around the park.

Upon my return home, I went in right away to see my Doctor. He sent me for an x-ray. A few days later I learned the source of my pain and why I couldn't sit or stand still in one spot for more than a couple of minutes. I had fractured my tailbone on that Teacup ride. At this point, I've had my first round of pain injections, and my Dr. expects a Neurosurgeon will be called in to repair as much as possible of my broken tailbone. I've been asked to lay flat or on my side for the next 2 to 6 months or as long as it takes to recover from the damage and the repair process.

I'd like to hear from others who've had damage/breaks etc. to their tailbones and learn hints for dealing with the results of these injuries and what recovery was like. How well does the repair process work for everyone, I've heard good and bad reports so far.

I want to say Thank you to everyone in this group and for those who do send a message about themselves and their tailbones.

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