Surgery in two days

Dave T, USA -

Posted 2013-07-21

I am a bus driver in Southern California, so already my tail bone is taking a beating on a daily basis. In September of 2008, while helping a lady in a wheelchair off my bus, I fell backwards onto the sidewalk on my butt. It hurt for a few days as I expected it would. But about a month later, I noticed that the pain wasn't getting better, in fact, it was getting worse.

The first MRI was taken in November and it didn't show anything. I was given a series of physical therapy sessions for my lower back that didn't help. I was given a shot of something in my tailbone area in the Dr.'s. office, still no help. I was given a shot in my tail bone area in a surgical room while I was knocked out, still no help. All this while I'm still driving the bus using a 4" foam pad to sit. The pain was about a 4-5 and occasionally it would get worse. I was told that there was nothing else that could be done and I would probably go away on it's own.

After about 18 months, I was fed up and went back to the Dr. I had looked at the MRI and noticed that it didn't even show the coccyx! So he ordered another MRI and it showed nothing, AGAIN! I took about 6 weeks off of work hoping that the bus was causing the pain, but that didn't help either. So I went looking for a Dr. that has some experience with this type of surgery. I found Dr. Hyun Bae at Cedars Sinai Spine Institute see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California). He was right up front and told me that it's a simple surgery but the results are about a 50/ 50 chance of success. My surgery is in two days and I feel like I have nothing to lose. He wanted another MRI, so when I got the CD from the imaging center, I took it home and checked it out.

Dave T MRI

The last bone on the coccyx looks like a boot. I looked at the second MRI and didn't see this at all. Did I get the wrong MRI or could my coccyx have changed in two years? It will be interesting to find out. I will keep you posted.

Update, 2013-12-22

The surgery went well I think. Except for the fact that my 8:30 AM surgery was at 3 PM. I spent one night in the hospital and was home by noon the next day. The hospital was less than 45 minutes away. The Dr. glued my butt cheeks together around the incision to keep it clean. He told me I could shower but don't let water spray on my back side. I was pretty paranoid about infection so I only took sponge baths.

He told me not to sit for 2 weeks. I was counting the days until I could sit, but when the day came, I hurt too much to sit. I really felt that my problems were gone. I just needed some healing time. I got 2 minor infections that tow different antibiotics knocked out pretty fast. So much for sponge baths.

It is now 5 months after surgery. My pain is a little more that before surgery. The only time I'm pain free is when I'm on my feet. My Dr. isn't mad at me, but he is mad that this didn't stop my pain. Every time I see him, he is a grump. Maybe I chose the wrong Dr.

As far as my pain now, I can drive for about 45 min. to an hour. That's about how long I can put up with the pain. I have a 4" thick piece of foam rubber that I sit on. I take it everywhere I go. On longer car trips, my wife drives and I take a pain pill.

He ordered another MRI for next week, maybe that will show something. Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper. I'll keep you posted....

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