Pain for 10 years

Catherine -

Posted 2013-04-28

Having read a few stories on your site I cannot believe just how many people suffer from this!! I have suffered with pain in my coccyx for 10 years and now at the end of my tether.

My pain began 10 years ago after the birth of my son in 2003. It was sheer agony, 24/7. All normal, daily routines were a difficult task and my job was just as hard (young girl with a baby, waitress). I went to my GP who told me it could either be lasting effects of the epidural or it could be fractured tailbone during childbirth and that it would heal on its own. Took the doc's word for it and tried to get on with things, decided to go back to studying in 2004/5 and just sitting in classes in very uncomfy chairs was excruciating.

I went back to my GP a few more times and was told the same thing and given ibuprofen. For the first 2 years I was in so much pain that normal painkillers didn't touch the pain but docs wouldn't prescribe anything more nor would they refer me.

After completing my study I now work in an office where I sit all day, only option for moving really is bathroom breaks as there is a desk phone that HAS to be answered!

I am fairly fit, I have just recently lost 4 stone (weight I put on during pregnancy of my 2nd child), I exercise regularly but the next day my back is agony and my tailbone feels really tender and bruised almost. Its not as bad as it was for the first 2 years, but I have 4 out of 7 days where I am in pain!! mostly working days where I am sat a lot. I have also suffered with sciatica a good few times in the past where I have been bed bound for days and weeks on end and literally in tears when I have to move, this again the doc prescribes nothing for!!

Now 10 years on and the pain is particularly bad this week, as I sit typing this right now I can feel my tail bone burning and I am terrified to get up. I have called for yet another GP appointment and my appointment - 30th May, over a month away!! I could have cried.

This time though I am not accepting what he says and will demand to be referred elsewhere. I am in Scotland in the UK, the NHS is free health treatment and without a GP referral there's nothing much else I can do.

I feel like a 26 year old in an 80 year old's body sometimes!!

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