Fall on ice

Kenny - kennybabs76@yahoo.com

Posted 2013-05-19

I have had this pain for 3-4 years after a fall on ice in a NY winter. Until 8 months ago I just endured it but know it is killing me. I recently lost significant weight and my bike riding, my car driving, and sitting for anything is very painful.

I have had two injections at the surgical center but not helping at all. I decided I wanted it fixed surgically and today when I found this site I realized I'm not alone. In fact It seems as if surgery will be impossible, from what I'm reading surgery will be next to impossible?????


Update, 2013-08-11

My first visit with him was after I already had three injections from Dr John Robinson Airmont NY. I did have some limited relief from first three injections not very long relief. Dr Kane (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New Jersey) indicated the injections were not properly executed and he did a fourth injection in his office. Results were much better but still I have pain weekly as I am an avid bike rider and I refuse to give up my bike, Dr Kane indicated I would be a candidate for surgery and I think I will look into it more in the fall. Has anyone had surgery with Dr Kane? I wonder how long the recovery process is? how long will I be out of work and unable to sit in my car to drive??

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Kenny B

Update, 2013-08-25

After reviewing some posts on this site regarding my physician Dr. Seth Kane I have decided that 5 injections is sufficient and its time to explore surgical options. I will see Dr Kane this week to see what the next steps will be? My one concern is getting approval from my medical insurance, BCBS of NJ. I am hopeful to have the kind of success I have read about on this site!!!!!

Update, 2013-10-20

Surgery next week, October 23 Hackensack University Medical Center with Dr Kane. I'm getting nervous but it's my only hope to get back to bike riding. Let's hope this works? Thanks to all of you that posted about your experiences it was a great help!!!!


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