Patient of Christine M Wilson


Posted 2013-03-31

I want to sing Christy Wilson's praises! (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Indiana). I have been her patient for a little over a year. Since beginning my treatment with her, I have gained a better understanding of my pelvic floor dysfunction and my unique musculoskeletal problems. In my therapy sessions, she helped me to learn anatomy, so that I am now able to identify where exactly I am experiencing pain.

Because of my therapy with Christy, I am now more aware of my muscles and have better control over them. She was also the first doctor to find that my coccyx was out of alignment with my spine. With home stretching and exercises and external muscle work therapy twice per week, we were able to get my coccyx back into alignment within 3 months' time. She is personable and professional. She has been a tremendous help to me in helping me understand my conditions and in helping me achieve relief from years of untreated pain. She has my highest recommendation.

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