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Posted 2013-03-24

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I've had coccydynia 9 months now. I think it was caused by a fall when I was playing with my dog, although I didn't feel any pain the first few weeks following the initial blow. It has slowly got worse and I am always in pain when I sit and sometimes when I lie down too. I am now forced to sit on my hips (which can be very uncomfortable). I've been off work for the last 2 months, but prior to this I was reluctant to be off and tried to carry on as normal - pain and all - and I am now waiting for my stand-up desk to be delivered before I can return.

I've tried numerous types of medication to help relieve the pain (nortriptylene, ibruprofen, co-codamol, tramadol, and opium-based patches) but to no joy. The majority of them come with some horrendous side effects and it has put me off trying any more in the future. I'm also starting to get depressed with the pain and how it is impacting on my life and restricting what I can do.

So, I decided to be proactive and learn more about this debilitating and very painful condition from other people to try and help me get by. I have done this by writing a blog (see above) and setting up a Twitter account called @CoccydyniaLife to help me connect with other coccydynia sufferers and to also help raise awareness of the condition to a wider audience. It is still early days but I have been in touch with other sufferers and we have been able to share experiences and give each other advice. I have had some great feedback already!

Please follow me on Twitter @CoccydyniaLife. I'd be grateful to learn more from others who are also suffering like me.

Thank you.


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