Coccyx pain solved by Dr Durtnall after misdiagnosis on NHS

Peter -

Posted 2013-12-22

After suffering severe coccyx pain following a fall, I received 6 months treatment on the NHS. First an MRI, then an operation to inject cortisone, and then physiotherapy. During this time I was in constant pain. Fortunately I could convert my desk to a standing desk and carry on working, but effectively I did not sit down for more than 10 minutes a day for months.

When the pain kept getting worse I went to see Dr Durtnall at Sayer clinics (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I showed him a copy of the MRI scan. He immediately saw that the scan did not actually cover my coccyx. He took an immediate X-Ray which showed that my coccyx was subluxated 40 degrees out of alignment, and was fused out of position as the bones started to calcify. My 6 months of NHS treatment (and pain) had been completely misdirected and fruitless. A senior consultant had diagnosed "idiopathic coccydinia" and authorised an operation under general anesthetic based on a scan that did not even show the coccyx.

Dr Durtnall manually reset my coccyx straight away, as the calcification was not too advanced. This was painful, but after 2 days I was starting to feel human again. It's now 6 weeks later, and after weekly sessions I am just starting full exercise and can sleep without painkillers. If I had stayed with the NHS I would be facing a totally unnecessary 2nd operation to remove the coccyx altogether, with possible complications and extended time off work. Shockingly the NHS in Britain has no treatments in place to deal with coccyx pain except surgery. (At one point the physio said she would have to discharge me as I wasn't getting better!) As it is, I now feel close to making a full recovery.


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