Hypermobile coccyx constantly dislocating

Amee, USA - amee_houghland@live.com

Posted 2013-09-29

Amee - My first sign of an issue was when I was 23 and doing garden landscaping. I started to feel dull pain and a sensation of swelling in the area, which soon followed with sciatica issues. Especially considering my age, this all really freaked me out. I immediately went to a Doctor who said I needed to have an MRI. He advised me not to lift more than 50 lbs and on how to improve my overall back care. I opted not to have an MRI, quit my job and became more conscientious of my back. This kept me feeling pretty good for years until I got into my 30's.

I love to ride bike and I am very active. Riding bike unfortunately became unbearable, so to my great disappointment I had to quit. At this point I am constantly having to live around my tailbone. I have to be very aware and careful not to have it flare up to the point of having VERY uncomfortable and painful nerve issues. Often the pain and swelling will cause my right leg to ache and to not work very well until I can get it going. I will say though, that I do feel that I maintain my condition as well as it possibly could be done and I know it could be a lot worse. I do regular stretches, low impact strengthening exercises, deep-tissue massage, lots of walking and I take fish oil, and turmeric. I know without all these measures that my condition would be unbearable.

Even though I manage, I am 33 years old and I do not want to live and work around this for the rest of my life. So finally I went to see a Specialist and he diagnosed me with a hypermobile (loose) coccyx and told me that it is constantly dislocating itself. I have decided to have the coccyx removal surgery on October 28th. This particular specialist is a very experienced surgeon and has done over a 100 of these coccyx removals. He is confident that he will make improvements and not make me any worse; my two main concerns.

Truthfully, if I could improve enough to go back to doing things like riding a bike I would be so grateful of the results. I will keep you all posted about how my recovery goes. Best wishes to everyone dealing with this; I hope you find relief and well-being.

Update, 2014-02-16

I am working on 4 months post coccyx removal and doing great. I had some ups and downs, but all in all I have managed rather well and I am glad I had the surgery. I really lucked out having Dr. Edward Hanley (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, North Carolina) right down the road and he did a great job. I have very recently stopped having nerve pain and I am getting more and more comfortable. I do not take any pain meds, just a natural turmeric and bromelain combo to help with comfort. After my surgery I also took Selenium and E to help with healing and avoiding infection. Topically I made a spray with colloidal silver, pure aloe, lavender and raw honey. This spray really helped when my stitches tightened. You will be ready to get those stitches out! I am currently seeing a clinical massage therapist and the results have been great.

I highly recommend that even after a couple/few months you do not lift anything over 10 to 15 lbs, try not to sit too much and take it easy. It is still early in the recovery and if you overdo it you will feel it. I to lots of light stretching and very subtle and simple exercises. I also have an ice pack that I use to help with soreness. I wish you all well! Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

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