Coccyx injury experience

Justine -

Posted 2013-11-17

Hello, my name is Justine and I fell down the stairs in our house last week. I was bringing two glasses of water on my right and left hand and my vitamins too for my dry lips because I was dehydrated during this time. Our stairs has four flight of stairs only. I slipped my slipper and I slid down the stairs with my butt and my back. The two glasses didn't broke cause I was holding them. My mother got angry. I knelt down there for awhile and nearly cried because of the pain I felt. I could really feel the pain on my back but thank God there's no bruises. My back was fine and my mother put an efficascent oil. My right elbow has little bruises on my bone part and when I stretch my arm higher it hurts.

That was around November 2, 2013. We went to visit my grandmother's grave on my father's side and my butt hurts when sitting on a hard chair. So when we arrive home, my mom notices the pain on my face and I told her that my butt hurts. So when she checked my butt, there's a colored violet bruise on the side of my left butt. So my mother put a hot compress. Every time I bend, sit, standing up and sleep on my butt it hurts. I had to sleep in a side view position. I had a hard time showering in the bathroom. It also hurts whenever I walk the stairs up.

So my mother decided to go to the medical hospital for x-ray. The x-ray were fine. There was no fracture or my coccyx isn't broken. So it's a relief. It hurts when I sneeze and lift a bucket full of water. I take PONSTAN medicine (anti-inflammatory) three times a day after meals. The pain lasted for one week. But today, it's after seven days, there's still a little bit pain unlike last week and the bruise on my butt is almost gone. So guys, I recommend you to take PONSTAN medicine (the yellow and red color capsule one). I'm still recovering now from the injury.

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