Virtually pain free after internal manual adjustment

Anonymous, UK

Posted 2013-12-22

Having started to suffer severe coccyx pain for no apparent reason early in 2013, I reached the point when I was in so much pain I could hardly sit down and when I did so it felt as though I was sitting on a poker. I was really concerned because I had booked a trans-Atlantic flight and simply didn't know how I could cope. I had received some external massage treatment but this had not helped, so I began to research the Internet as I felt very gloomy about my prospects and even began to think I might have a tumour.

But then my research led me to this website and subsequently, through the list of doctors and specialists, to Alain Michelotti of Guildford Chiropractic Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Surrey), and I read a couple of testimonials from former patients. In desperation, I decided it was worth a try.

The internal manual adjustment Alain suggested sounded both embarrassing and unpleasant but I decided to put aside my embarrassment and go ahead with the treatment. I would like to reassure anybody who is in this sort of pain that this was an excellent decision. Alain put me at ease; the treatment was quick and only mildly unpleasant. I began to feel the benefit after the first treatment and after 3 treatments in little more than a week I was able to take a 12-hour flight in economy class just days later. I had another treatment after my return flight and I have been virtually pain free ever since.

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