Sports massage got rid of the pain

Anita -

Posted 2013-09-22

I woke up one morning with Coccyx pain for no apparent reason and it progressed in severity for the next year or so. I used cushions etc to no avail only a temporary relief. Eventually I saw a specialist in Winchester who suggested I undergo a manipulation under anaesthetic along with steroid injections as my case was quite severe and this usually works for most patients. (I had tried the self manipulation (see Brenda's story) several times but this did not work for me unfortunately).

The relief I experience was minimal and only lasted a couple of weeks. The procedure was not uncomfortable as was done under anaesthetic.

I waited another 6-9 months hoping that is would go away as quickly as it came but it did not. I contacted the consultant again and he suggested the only other option was to have the Coccyx removed! I definitely did no want to go this route if at all possible as I did some research on this and discovered that it is not always successful and not a particularly pleasant procedure. The Coccyx is also at the end of a very important meridian I have been told and not a good idea to remove if at all possible.

It was suggested to me via a friend that I go and see a sports massage therapist. Now this is not your usual lovely relaxing massage it is agony!! The therapist puts an enormous amount of pressure onto the muscles i.e. thumbs elbows etc get the picture? I was bruised considerably, but it worked. Within two sessions of 1 hr the difference was massive. I continued for a further six sessions at 2-4 week intervals and the problem has gone. I can stand a lot of pain but for those that have a low pain threshold the therapist can go a lot easier but it will take longer. It also probably depends on how long you have been living with the problem.

Apparently the buttocks hold and enormous amount of stress, and clearly so, as when he started working on my buttocks it was astonishing how tight and hard the muscles were. He worked right down and onto the muscles covering the Coccyx area, gently at first because the pain was too great to touch (not the best of places to have a stranger massage you!) but, who cares the pain has gone completely.

What terrifies me is that I was so close to surgery even with the chance that it would not work. Clearly the reason in my case it would not have worked is because the muscles were the most contributing factor towards my pain on the Coccyx.

I am happy to answer any question as the outcome has been so amazing. I would say I am 95% improved maybe more. I am always careful how I sit and to ensure I don't sit directly on my Coccyx but my life is back to normal now and what a relief!


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