Fed up with Doctors giving the brush off

Deidre - hayleighdee@hotmail.com

Posted 2013-02-17

Hi I have a story I'd like to share, its long and very complicated. 2 years ago I went down our home made water slide Dec 2011. Awesome fun but slowly following that year it hurt more and more to sit and stand up. ALL Doctors ignored me, saying i've bruised my coccyx and "in time" the pain will go away.

12th Dec 2012 I fell heavy on a hard concrete floor at a nite club. Here is where my nightmare begins! Walking in the hospital screaming and crying, hospital staff ignored me claiming it was alcohol.. NO x-rays taken. 2 days later with a hematoma the size of a tennis ball sticking out like a third bum I walked in a different hospital screaming, where I was immediately admitted. Nightmare begins......they x-rayed me BUT my lower back NOT my coccyx area!! 7 days in hospital passing out every time I stood up, a MRI was done. BUT once again did only the lower back NOT coccyx area. Sent to physio on codeine/panadol they instantly knew I had something seriously wrong. A normal everyday x-ray was done to discover my coccyx AND sacrum were both fractured! Sent immediately to A and E for urgent attention, they go by my hospital reports stating I had nothing wrong. JEEZE!

So for a year I have been fighting, walking around with my x-rays to the specialist appointments to prove I had a serious break. Talk of amputation has been discussed by 3 Doctors, and 3 Doctors have said no because could it cause me more pain. You see in new Zealand's hospitals when you go to a appointment you bloody see a different Doctor every time! Every single time I go I bloody have to say the 2 year story over and over again!! EKKKK!!....

I've had 1 nerve block injection that latest 4 months. An MRI was done last month and found I have Fatty Tissue around my fractures caused by my NOT resting omg!. Another injection is planned for next week.

I'm now on constant codeine for pain that goes down my legs, up my bowels, around my private parts. Its a nightmare! For some reason every single time when I bend down too much all the back on my legs swell up so bad I've been ambulanced to hospital coz of the pain.. anyone else have this?? I feel alone, main stream Doctors ignore me and no-one seems to know what is the best way to sure my pain completely, they just agree in their (Doctors) words "you have a serious chronic pain problem that we don't know what's wrong with you". If I don't take any pain pills I can't lie down at all, the pain is almost ambulance material, constantly feels like a giant lump on my left hand side backside (bum) sometimes goes hot feeling. Feels like the worst internal bruising that wont go away.

WHAT should I do? Go for a operation? I had one Doctor tell me that I could have a few fancy ops , but wouldn't tell me what they were grr. So if you can help awesome! I'm in pain, kind of depressed, fed up with Doctors just giving the brush off, but I am now a expert at lying/sitting watching TV hahaha. I'm 42 years old and have told the specialist when I last seen him if they ignore this problem I will be walking like a 80 year old.

Hope someone can give me advice. If you are in NZ, I'm in the Auckland area in case you know a expert here. Cheers

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