The Safety Net, essay about coccydynia

Anjali -

Posted 2013-11-03

I have been reading and loving your website for many years. It is still the only website with comprehensive information for coccyxdynia.

I've just recently had an essay, The Safety Net, published online about my experience.

I suffer from coccydynia, a condition where my coccyx or tailbone becomes inflamed. Roughly fifty percent of all coccydynia cases are the result of an injury or pregnancy. The other half of all cases, including my own, have no known cause. Sitting and lying on my back causes my pain, but once itís inflamed, I am in pain every single second of the day. On good days, my pain resembles a moderate rug burn. On bad days, itís like Iím sitting on a dagger. And there are often more bad days than good.

Iíve seen countless doctors, tried a gazillion drugs, practiced yoga, and endured physical therapy, chiropractics, herbs, and acupuncture. Some treatments help, some of the time, but any relief is temporary. And there is no known cure.

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