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Posted 2013-11-03

I am having a coccygectomy on November 18th. The operation will be carried out by Professor Doursounian at St Anthony's Hospital in Paris. I saw him after referral by Doctor Jean-Yves Maigne of the Hotel Dieu hospital in Paris (see Doctors and specialists in France).

I am British and have lived and worked for more than 25 years in France. In order to chart my preparations for the surgery and my post-operative recovery I have started a two-language blog:

I do hope it will be of some help to the readers of this website.

Margaret Grimshaw

Update, 2013-12-01

It is 4 days since my operation in Paris. I feel well. I haven't got wifi so you will get these posts days after the actual operation once I get back to the technological world. I took notes right through so what you read is exactly what happened from the Sunday evening when I arrived.

SUNDAY, day before operation

My blood pressure measured 170/90! Not surprising. I was terrified. When I walked into the bedroom, there on the table was am enema. I was supposed to give it to myself! I tried but in the end called a nurse who finished it off for me. Then I was asked to shower with Betadine (the yellow staining stuff) that evening and the following morning.


At 7 am precisely, a nurse came to give me two tablets to calm me down before the operation. Pre-meds. Honestly between 7 am and 9.45 am I have no idea what happened. I just heard someone saying that all the operations were late because they were inaugurating a new operating block. I was its first patient. They put an oxygen mask on my face and next thing I know I was in the recovery room and it was 1 pm. I had no pain whatsoever. I still don't have any real pain. As for the support stockings nobody put them on me.

I stayed in the recovery room for a long time. I was wheeled back to the room around 3 pm. The operation had lasted an hour and a quarter.

There were two drips, one with antibiotics and the other with painkillers and fluids. There was a drain too from the wound. The pipe from the interior of the wound drains blood and fluids into a bottle. Over four days it drained 27 centilitres (a large mug).

5 pm They came in with a bed pan. Even with the pain killers I could feel it touching the wound and it hurt. Added to that I couldn't go. They started talking about a catheter.

7 pm Two glasses of water and an injection of anti-coagulant.

7.30 pm Professor Doursounian comes in and sees the bed pan. "She can't use that, take her to the toilet!" he said.

An immediate spectacular success! Thank goodness he came to see me!

On the first night I got up with help as I had oxygen, the two drips, and the drain. Not too much difficulty and hardly any pain at all.

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