Coccyx and pelvic pain: Dr Michael Durtnall, Sayer Clinics, London


Posted 2013-11-24

When my coccyx pain started two years ago after slipping, wearing socks, and banging down hard wooden stairs on my tailbone I was alarmed as I just could not sit anymore but needed to travel for my work. I started to get pain deep down into my left buttock and pelvic floor with vulval and clitoral burning pain within a minute or two of trying to sit.

I visited my GP, an orthopaedic specialist and gynaecologist with the same response "learn to live with it" - "we don't x-ray coccyx injuries" - "there is no cure" - "coccyx and pelvic floor pain are not connected" I was offered Amitryptaline and Pregabalin which I declined (how could covering up physical pain with drugs be any good?) but I do regret having two cortisone injections "to reduce the inflammation to let it heal"- it didn't work - made it worse!

After more pain and searching I found, this GODSEND of a website, and after reading up on ALL the doctors listed around the world and reading testimonials I decided to see the coccyx and pelvic pain specialist Michael Durtnall in London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) as he has successfully treated many cases like mine.

I was relieved to meet him as he listened carefully and immediately put me at ease, examined me thoroughly, took sit-stand dynamic coccyx x-rays and clearly explained everything. My top coccyx joint was twisted and bent sideways and had lost all flexibility, causing one-sided pelvic muscle spasm which was permanently protecting my dislocated coccyx joint but also compressing my pudendal nerve - this explained my burning vaginal pain as well as my pelvic floor weakness.

I am more than 95% better after just 5 treatments with Michael and his Physical Therapist colleague Sofia who is also wonderful and very knowledgeable. I am now able to sit, travel, fly and attend meetings without pain.

Michael is a brilliant manipulation specialist with healing hands (which he denies) also expert in diagnostic radiology. I highly recommend treatment at the Sayer clinics to anyone suffering coccyx and pelvic pain.