Coccyx deformity

Alex -

Posted 2013-06-16

I was born with coccyx deformity, one hospital told us I had to wait till I was at least the age of sixteen. So four months after my sixteenth birthday we went to a appointment to the hospital that told me to go to the main building where the surgery would take place. Dr. Abrahams looked at me and my mother and was furious! He said he wanted to talk to the doctors that told us to wait. This should had have been handled when I was a baby or early childhood.

He looked at it and asked how I've sat for my entire life. This skin was so stretched that it was barely a centimeter wrapped around the bone. We scheduled surgery for March 28, 2013. That way it would be during spring break for me, and I'd only have to miss a week of school. The surgery went great, they had to take out parts of my sacrum along with my coccyx. I knew he'd do the best he could. The biggest part that bothered me was the IV. I was not happy with that, I'm deathly afraid of needles. They babied me, they put a lot of numbing stuff on my hand. After the surgery however I was sick from the anesthetic. But I knew that would happen, I've had two other surgeries. One on my left pinky toe to be amputated because of deformity when I was young. The other, tonsil removal. And both I was sick from.

My mom carried me from the car, I laid in bed and fell asleep. Didn't seem like that much pain at the time. Until my mom made me get up and try to urinate. I had this huge white cushion seat on my toilet, but I couldn't squat far enough down to sit on it. Family members came and went. Ten days pass and I still haven't did number two... I was in double the pain. After about five days after my surgery the pain medicine they gave me didn't help at all. I toughed it out, but I sat after eight days. I was uncomfortable, and in pain still. I was able to walk around by myself.

Two days after my surgery though was the first time I could shower. My mom, my friend, Maddie, and my neighbor, Becky, helped me out. After the shower my mom was drying me off in my room. I guess I used to much energy or was in so much pain from air touching the wound that my body gave out and I collapsed. I woke up minutes later. I had a butt donut, it was great. But me being foolish left it on the back porch, and my dog shredded it. My mother then and went to get me another. It was nearly as good as the other one but I still appreciate it because I still to this day use it when I know I'm going somewhere where I have to sit for hours. If I don't need it I won't use it. Surgery was March 28, 2013. Today is June 10, 2013. A whole lot better and was totally worth for me.


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