Coccygectomy in France

Sarah -

Posted 2013-04-07

I began suffering with coccyx pain in January 2011. It came on suddenly, for no apparent reason. Since learning about the condition, I think this may have been due to a difficult birth with my first child approximately 11 months prior to the pain coming on. My daughter got stuck and I ended up with a complicated ventouse delivery.

Just after the pain commenced I became pregnant with my second child and I was always unsure as to whether it was this pregnancy that had caused it, although I was almost certain it started just before. Anyway, I endured this hideous affliction throughout the pregnancy and after the birth, which any mums out there know, is such an awful condition when you have young children to look after. Breast-feeding was a nightmare and sitting down to comfort a child is out of the question. It completely affects every aspect of being a mother and a human being!. I have had a number of things wrong with me, but I can honestly say this had the most detrimental effect on my mental health, making me quite depressed at times.

After trying all the usual routes of manual manipulations, pelvic floors, acupuncture and so on with no success, I decided to visit Dr Maigne in Paris (see Doctors and specialists in France). He immediately diagnosed a hyper mobile coccyx and I tried a steroid injection to see if it would have any effect. There was a very slight improvement, but again no real success. However, I was lucky, as there was a tangible reason as to why I was getting the coccyx pain (it was hypermobile) this made me a good candidate for surgery.

I did a lot of thinking as to whether I wanted to got through with the operation or not and whether to go ahead with it in France with Pr Doursounian or in the UK. In the end I decided to go for it and give myself the best possible chance for success by having it done by the Professor. This was an enormous upheaval for me and my family, as I would leave behind two children a 9 month old and a 2 year old, for over two weeks. Let alone the costs involved. I reasoned that if the operation was successful, it would be worth the separation and cost and the fact that I live in London, about a 10 minute drive from the Eurostar terminal also swung it for me.

On 2nd of August 2012 I underwent the operation. I was looked after impeccably in France and have only great things to say about the Professor, he is a wonderful man. Due to his meticulous aftercare, the wound healed extremely well and I never had any problems with it. It is exactly 4 months today that I had the operation and, although, I still have some pain, I am happy to say it is so much less than before and I am generally able to sit down without thinking about it! As I write this I am 2 hours into a 4 and a half hour train journey and although I am aware of my coccyx area it doesn't 'hurt' as such. I am hoping the sensation I have there will continue to reduce, however, if it stays like this I would still be glad I had the operation. It really was wonderful to have my children on my lap again.

I hope this has given some of you some encouragement, however, I know I was lucky in the fact that the doctors could see why I was having the pain and were able to do something about it. I know for some sufferers, unfortunately, this is not the case and I really hope that you all will find your own forms of relief.

Best of luck to all of you.

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