Cycle accident, landed on my buttocks

Fatima -

Posted 2013-07-14

My name is Fatima I am 17 year old. Three year back I fell down while riding cycle, and landed on my buttocks, got hurt in my tail bone. Like others I showed to so many general physicians, ortho, and Neuro docs as it was burning while passing motion, but it was vain and all of them gave lots of medications and asked to use doughnut cushion but except a bit relief nothing came out of this, while surfing on net I came to know about Dr.Mubashira (Specialist in India Only for Lady patients) (see Doctors and specialists in India).

I thank God a lot for helping in this regards and Dr.Mubashira for practising in Bngalore (India). She took full interest and got some tests like Dynamic Tail bone Xray, MRI of Tail bone and some other blood tests and started treatment after two days. Treatment continued for 10 days and presently I am 75-80% all right. My exercises has to be continued for 4-6 months for better recovery ,

I highly appreciate her treatment plan and focus to diagnosis regarding this critical condition which makes most of the sufferers depressed due to lack of knowledge by most of the doctors. Thanks to Dr.Mubashira (PT).

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