Going for coccygectomy after other treatments failed

Leanne, USA

Posted 2013-11-24

I have been suffering with extreme tailbone pain for 27 months now. I have bought various seat cushions, new living room furniture, seen several chiropractors and physical therapists, and had 3 rounds of steroid injections into my tailbone in the fall of 2012. The injections brought temporary relief, but the pain continued.

Besides the extreme pain I experience when sitting down and upon rising from a sitting position, my tailbone pops and moves when I adjust in a sitting position.

I have now opted to have a coccygectomy by the greatly referred Dr. Greg Keller (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Florida).

I had my Coccygectomy Wednesday morning, November 20, at 10:30 am. I choose to have a shot of morphine in my back before being released to recovery, which lasted a few hours. I awoke from surgery feeling quite well, holding a clear conversation with the nurse. I was transferred to my room and was doing quite well until the morphine began to wear off and I was given pain meds by mouth. They didn't sit so well with me and I began a series of vomiting until we realized the culprit. I chose to go off the pain meds at 6:30 pm on Thursday November 21. I am writing this at 8:26 am Sunday morning, November 24th and haven't had any prescription pain meds since Thursday night.

I remained in the hospital 2 days on major antibiotics to fight off any infection. I live in N. Atlanta, GA so we had to make a 7 hour drive to Jacksonville, FL, which means we had to make a 7 hour drive home. The drive home was not the most pleasant, but not the worse either. My husband laid the passenger seat down to a lying position, surrounded by pillows. I understand that Dr. Greg Keller has had many patients drive from other states to him for this procedure.

Dr. Greg Keller from the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute performed my surgery. Dr. Keller confirmed that my coccyx was hanging by a thread, so I was surely a great candidate for this procedure. I would recommend Dr. Keller in a heart beat. His bedside manners were caring and professional. Dr. Keller knew his work and did it well. Dr. Keller has done countless surgeries of this type.

Dr. Keller used dissolving sutures that should dissolve in approximately 45 days. He also used an adhesive glue to cover the area.

It is now Sunday morning, I can partially sit up and I'm feeling much better than I thought I would. I will remove the bandage today and go from there.

I was so apprehensive about having this procedure done. But for me it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.

Update, 2013-12-04

Today I am exactly 2 weeks post-op. I have to say this procedure has not been nearly as bad as I expected. After reading many of the testimonies on the coccyx.org site, I was totally reluctant to have a coccygectomy, but with continued, increased pain in my coccyx and it beginning to affect my left leg and hip, this brought me to no other option but surgery.

Again, I haven't had any pain medication, except a few rounds of ibuprofen, since 30 hours after my surgery. I'm sitting up in a lean forward position, walking quite well, and doing light chores.

Again, I would recommend Dr. Greg Keller in a heartbeat, as well as Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, FL.

I want to give those of you out there approaching or considering having a coccygectomy a few suggestions that have helped me. These were very important as I was a 7 hour drive from Dr. Keller and traveling back to see him for follow-up was not the best option:

1. I didn't wear undergarments for at least 10 days to let air get to my incision.

2. I used wet wipes every time I used the bathroom.

3. I did not swipe back toward my rectum after having a bowel movement.

4. I did what many others suggested and took a shower after bowel movements.

5. Dr. Keller used adhesive on my incision, which is still there, and has been of extreme importance.

6. I 100% recommend using someone who has a lot of experience doing this procedure.

7. My husband used a "cool-setting" on a blow dryer to dry my incision after every shower.

I hope this encourages anyone out there going through anywhere near what I was going through. I look forward to the day very soon where I will sit in a chair again with no pain after over two years of dealing with this issue.

Abundant blessings,


Update, 2014-01-26

I am 2 months post-op today and I am doing amazing. I must ask myself why I didn't have this procedure, a coccygectomy, months ago. I am doing better than I would have ever expected. I went from a 7-9 pain level for 27 months prior to surgery, to being barely sore today when I sit for an extended length of time.

I feel as if I have "a life" again. I am thankful first and foremost to my Father God for His indescribable faithfulness, to Dr. Greg Keller who performed the surgery, and my husband, personal assistant, and friends and family who took such amazing care of me during my recovery.

I can only pray that others of you out there that are dealing with tailbone issues will find the relief that I have found.

Leanne Goff

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