Messed up, too

Liz -

Posted 2013-10-13

I am a tad older than you (born in 1941) and messed up my coccyx in 1965, almost the same way you did. I was in Denmark. I had bought a bike, which I rode all over. I rode it up a curb. I had lifted, while riding, the front wheel up the curb. When the back wheel hit the curb, it bounced up, smacking me in the butt...squarely! There was so much pain I actually felt nauseous. Needless, riding the bike back to where I was staying was painful, but not as painful as the next day. I did not say or do anything, as, as a nurse, I realized that there is not much anyone can do, even if it is broken, entirely. Just have to "sit and wait", so to speak.

I would sit on soft cushions, sit sideways, stand, stand on one leg or the other. The only meds I took was ibuprophen, an anti-inflammatory, which worked....sort of.

The greatest relief I have found is to have sheepskin seat covers in my vehicles. I got the thickest I could get. I can sit in my truck and drive all day with no pain at all.

My latest problem is mowing our lawn with the riding mower. Our lawn is like a washboard in the back yard, so very bumpy. I rushed it last week, and until today, wondered why I had been in so much pain bending over and down my left leg. I could hardly get out of bed. Today, I picked up a quarter I found in a parking lot, and almost fell over with the pain. As I am now 72, and still have to mow the lawn, I have decided I am going to buy a sheepskin covered gel filled motorcycle seat cover for my lawn mower. It should work.

As I have gotten older, I have also "acquired" spinal stenosis and scoliosis (in 3 places). I have already had a splint screwed into my cervical spine for the curvature, there. I also have tendonitis in both legs and feet, which forced my retirement as a nurse in our local jail, along with plantar fasciitis. As my mom would say, "you are just falling apart". Oh well.

I realize there is nothing I can do with this....I consider it part of "getting up there", so deal with it.

Just thought I would pass along my experience. It is one heck of an injury. There is a huge bunch of nerves in that area. My greatest fear was damaging any "function", which is why I kind of baby the pain.

At night, now, I also take a muscle relaxant...Soma, which allows the muscles to relax so I can sleep. After standing and walking all day, I feel I am just "tied up in knots"...most likely from this stupid injury almost 50 years ago. The Soma really helps with the pain, really.

Glad you are feeling better. You went through a lot! Glad to read about your post, really.

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