Coccyx discomfort and prostate cancer

Duncan -

Posted 2013-08-18

My personal experience (aged 59 at the time) was not of any real pain, but of increasing discomfort when sitting, to the degree that I could only sit comfortably on one cheek or the other. I hadn't fallen or suffered any trauma. Coincidentally, I had complained to my doctor of tiredness and he ran a number of blood tests which included a PSA test. This indicated raised levels. Following further tests, I was diagnosed with early prostate cancer (notably, I had none of the recognised symptoms). Within weeks I successfully underwent a radical prostatectomy.

The interesting thing is this. On recovery from the operation I immediately noticed that the coccyx discomfort had completely disappeared, and has never returned (I underwent the operation over 8 years ago). The surgeon stated that I was lucky having caught the cancer, whilst it was confined to the gland and avoided the necessity for any secondary treatment. I now only have to undergo precautionary 6 monthly PSA checks.

I've always wondered if there is a known link, but when I've since asked doctors about it, I just get the answer that there is "none known". So I guess from my experience, if you are male and in the 50+ bracket and suffering coccyx discomfort, it might be well worth asking for a PSA test.


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