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Anil, India - Excellent coccyx pain recovery after treatment and exercise

Anonymous, Spain - Hypermobile coccyx - pelvic floor treatment and orthopedic chair helped

Fern, UK - Coccyx pain related to spinal position

Preethi, India - Manipulation and exercises, including swimming, got rid of the pain

Wilson, Australia - Stretching and strengthening of glutes muscles by Jaclyn Thurley worked

Helena, UK - Immediate benefits from chiropractic treatment

Anonymous, India - Coccyx pain was severe, then started to go away

Raahim, Canada - Doctor recommendation in Canada for coccyx pain

Heather, UK - Pain in lower back and coccyx diminished by 80-90%

Nidhi, India - Coccyx/tailbone pain connected with seating on hard surfaces

Samuel, India - After a fall, the pain grew slowly until it was unbearable

Eline, The Netherlands - Update - Hooked coccyx causing pain

Raf, Armenia - Brenda's sitting pull out manipulation method

Leela, USA - Last three segments of tailbone dislocated

Helen, UK - A light at the end of the tunnel

Anonymous, USA - Clamshell and leg exercises got rid of the pain

Catherine, USA and UK - Internal adjustment and dry needling for tailbone pain

Mila, UK - Sayer Clinic treatment for coccyx pain

Kathryn, USA - Successful coccygectomy in Minnesota

Annette, UK - Coccyx pain treated at The Sayer Clinic

Smitha, India - Tailbone treatment review for Dr. Mubashira

Aman, India - Update - Ongoing tailbone treatment

Anonymous, UK - Tremendous difference after three session of manipulation

Anil, India - Excellent tailbone treatment by Dr Rajveer

Anony Mous, Puerto Rico - Coccyx angled at 100 degrees - removed

Ayushi, India - Internal manipulation and exercises made a big improvement

N, UK - Thankful to have found Dr Durtnall

Jane, USA - Another Ohio success

Anonymous, South Africa, Australia - Coccyx issue in Australia, help in France, removal in South Africa

Vanessa, UK - Segway accident caused coccyx dislocation

Anonymous, UK - Update - Great experience with Michael Durtnall and the Sayer Clinic

Anonymous, India - Update - Hooked tailbone and prolapsed disc

Kay, USA - Update - Finding coccyx treatment in Louisiana

Carol, USA - Update - Taken the decision to have a coccygectomy

Anonymous, UK - Update - Slipped and fell on a wet rock

Bhavisha, India - Update - Tailbone pain for no reason

Lucy, UK - Update - Coccyx loose, like a wobbly tooth

Sarah, UK - Update - Misalignment of coccyx - eternally grateful for cure by manipulation

George, UK - Update - Testimonial for Robert Giffiths

Jane S, UK - Update - Acute, severe coccydynia

Anonymous, Malaysia - Update - Speed hump in the road caused my coccyx pain

Ali, Moldova - Update - Non-touch healer reducing coccyx pain

Ashley, USA - Update - Long hikes help with my tailbone pain

Priyanka, USA - Update - Yoga exercises for coccydynia

Anonymous, USA - Update - Clamshell and leg exercises got rid of the pain

Anonymous, USA - Update - Prolotherapy worked, steroids and manipulations didn't

Davina, UK - Update - Still pain-free 6 months after treatment

Diwakar, India - Update - Injections lasted for 6 months, then 2 months, then not at all

Kate, UK - Update - Steroid injections did not work, 90-95% pain-free after manipulation

Mark, UK - Update - Ten years of rectal/pelvic pains

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