Coccyx loose, like a wobbly tooth

Lucy, UK -

Posted 2019-03-30

I fell down the stairs at Clapham Junction train station in July 2015. It was painful and I had a huge bruise, but the pain subsided quickly. One month later, I sat on the edge of my bed, and then when I stood up I suddenly had a shooting pain come from my buttocks. Had no idea what was wrong, as I didn't believe it was related to the fall because of the month in between, so I put up with it for a couple of weeks, tried sitting on cushions etc. until it got too painful, so I went to the doctors. They advised that it was probably a vitamin D deficiency, so to use a vit-d spray to help my bones. Of course this didn't work.

I was then referred to a chiropractor 6 months of treatment and had absolutely no improvement. I was then referred to a private hospital through my health insurance for an MRI it showed severe bruising around my tailbone (it was at that point I remembered about the fall as he asked if there'd been any trauma), but the actual bone looked 'fine', so it was advised to have a steroid injection. This gave me about six months relief, but lo and behold, the pain came back with a vengeance. It was at this point that I found the amazing Coccyx Pain Support Facebook Group, where someone recommended that I had an internal manipulation with Stephen Sandler (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) he instantly could tell that my coccyx had been dislocated and was bent to the right (no idea how the MRI didn't show this). This provided great relief I really did think I was cured. Unfortunately, a fall out of the bath led to the coccyx moving back out of line again. So I had another steroid injection, and then another manipulation, where Mr Sandler said that my coccyx was like a wobbly tooth and would always cause me problems, and would therefore require regular manipulations. At this point I decided enough was enough and I wanted it removed. I wanted a family in the near future, and knew this coccyx would always be a source of pain and problems I was not just going to put up with it, as Mr Sandler had suggested I should.

A post on the Facebook group led me to Mr Hardy (see Doctors and specia