Hooked tailbone and prolapsed disc

Anonymous, India

Posted 2019-02-03

It started with recurrent low back pain at the top of my butt crack. The sharp pain would make sitting and sleeping difficult. During my first visit to Dr Mubashira's clinic (see Doctors and specialists in India), she patiently listened to me and also asked me about my lifestyle, and any other ailments I had in the past and present. Be it the physical examination, blood tests or observations made from the X-Ray/ MRI films, she studied them diligently and made me understand where the problem was. It was evident that I had a hooked tailbone, a prolapsed disc, and my back muscles were not strong enough.

She recommended a treatment which included - tailbone manipulation and massages. This was done to reset the angular shift in the tailbone, and also to reduce the muscle spasm. I've also been using a U-shaped cushion to make it easy while sitting. For the bulged disc, I was prescribed some medicines and was also asked to give my body the rest it deserves, and also to not indulge in any strenuous activities that could aggravate the pain.

During the course of treatment, she empathised and was very assuring of the recovery. Apart from this, I was also taught some muscle strengthening exercises. It's been almost a month and a half now and I feel much better. I'm able to sit comfortably for at least 20-25 minutes, walk around more, and sleep better too. A few more massages and some more rest will set my back right I believe - well, this is the confidence my doctor has instilled in me :)

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