Speed hump in the road caused my coccyx pain

Anonymous, Malaysia

Posted 2019-08-18

My coccyx pain started after my car passed over a speed breaker. Initially the pain was mild I was able to carry on with my daily routines. But after 6 months the pain started interfering with my daily life.

The doctor took an x-ray and said my coccyx is fractured and I need to use cushion to sit. I did not find any relief. So another doctor said I need to go through internal manipulation. It lasted for a week daily. After that 3 months exercises and not much sitting. The pain increased after that.

I tried ayurvedic treatment also. It reduced my pain for sometime. But did not give permanent relief.

Then I met doctor Mr. K. Parameshwaran in Gleneagles hospital, Penang, Malaysia (see Doctors and specialists in Malaysia). He said my coccyx is loose at the sacro-coccygeal joint. (Got myself familiarized of the terms after reading a lot from websites and facebook support group.) My coccyx needed to be removed to get relief.

He was not wrong. After suffering for four years, a full Coccygectomy gave relief from my pain. I was able to sit again in 3 months after the operation without a cushion.

Four years of suffering made my whole spine alignment bad. I am working on recovering from that. But the coccyx pain is gone. I hope this helps somebody.

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