Tailbone pain for no reason

Bhavisha, India - bhavisha.ppanchal@rediffmail.com

Posted 2019-04-07

I was suffering from tailbone pain for more than 3 years and was not aware the reason for the same. I went to many doctors asking for the treatment but most of the doctors recommendation / medicines did not work at all.... .I was in continuous pain for 3 years until one fine day I came across reading about tailbonetreatment.com about Dr. Rajveer Singh and the reviews of the patients about the treatment (see Doctors and specialists in India).

Immediately I contacted Dr. Rajveer Singh and booked an appointment. I was treated by him using the internal manipulation method and exercises for 6 continuous days post which he asked me to do the exercises shown by him on daily basis... I completely followed whatever doctor said and I am now 70% recovered and the way my treatment progress is I am 200% sure that I will be completely alright.

I would like to thank Dr.Rajveer Singh from bottom of my heart for getting me out of such a horrifying pain.

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