Another Ohio success

Jane S. in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Posted 2019-12-08

On Thanksgiving weekend 2017, I slipped on the top stair and landed hard on my tailbone. That started a journey of two years to date. Like others, I tried time, rest, standing, x-rays, visits to various physicians, and anything else I could think of with no success for many months.

My next investment involved several months of chiropractic treatments. The chiropractor worked to decompress my lower back, which did alleviate some of the acute pain. Over several months, I reached functional, but never really comfortable. I saw very good improvement in my lower back, which had also jammed when I fell. The chiropractor provided exercises and a prescribed a lumbar support when sitting. The lumbar support helps to tilt the pelvis properly when sitting and I still use it consistently. I continue to see the chiro for my lower back and neck so I'm not unhappy, I just never found the complete solution there.

Many many thanks to Matt, who posted in 2010 on this page. He mentioned the Pelvic Core Rehabilitation Specialists in West Chester, Ohio, currently part of Oxford Physical Therapy (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Ohio). I have been seeing them for about 6 months now and I am happy to report that my pain has decreased by 90% and that I am now mostly functional again.

What worked:

The physical therapist first checked my tailbone and surrounding musculature using internal manipulation. She was able to confirm that it was straight and functional and that my problems were mostly due to spasms in the muscular/ligaments and tight fascia. The first order of business was a couple of visits to perform extensive massage of the fascia and muscles in the area to get everything to release. They also prescribed some of same exercises as the chiro, plus more to strengthen my pelvic floor.

After a couple of visits, I agreed to try dry needling and electrical stimulation (fearful but desperate and seeing some hope). She inserted 5-8 dry needles on the muscles around the sacrum and on the tailbone, then applied electrical stimulation to those for 15 minutes. I won't say it was completely comfortable, but this was finally the trick. I saw immediate progress and increased relief over the next few visits. I have been continuing on a monthly basis and after 2 years of constant pain, I now have days when I do not think about it. Many thanks to Lisa, Jill, and Jill who are awesome.

Along the way, I found out that the joint stiffness/pain and decreased motor skills that led to the fall was due to Lyme disease and mold exposure. That's an entirely different discussion, but I have to note that I would have never discovered the underlying cause without a Functional Medicine specialist. I recommend that those with pain that "just showed up" (like it did in my neck and ankles) get it checked further.

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