Hypermobile coccyx - orthopedic chair helped

Anonymous, Spain

Posted 2019-03-02

I'm from Madrid (Spain) and during my pregnancy I started to experience pain in my coccyx when I was working (I work in an office all day sitting in a chair). The doctor told me that this pain was normal because my body had a baby inside and that after the child birth (2017) the pain would be removed.

I had no pain during two months after the birth, but after that.... the pain started to be stronger. I cannot be sitting, nobody can touch me because the pain was located for all the back, coccyx and gluteus. I started to try to find a solution 6 month after (2018) after to understood that this pain was not normal....

I started with traumatologists... each week I had 2 dates with different doctors... they told me... your pain has a unique treatment, infiltration, but I read in your website that this treatment is not the best option, then I continue looking for a solution.

In the resonance I've the last part of my coccyx luxed but the doctor said that this is normal and that the pain cannot be connected to this luxation.

Only one traumatologist recommends me to remove my coccyx, he said that this bone has no sense in our body and the removal is the best option, then I went to a neurosurgeron to confirm that and he told me NEVER REMOVE IT, the pain can be bigger.

After these bad news with traditional medicine, I started to find solutions in chiropractic. That was worse, they relocated my bone manually and the pain started to be increased. In one of the sessions, the chiropractor realised that my coccyx was moving by itself (she was surprised) and told me "I cannot help you because the bone moves when I try to relocate it".

The next step, once I know the reason, was to find pelvic floor professional with coccyx experience, the first professional I found, told me your coccyx is hypermobile and I cannot help you. I was in shock... I was confused... I need to have a normal life.

Speaking with a friend about my problem she recommends me a new pelvic floor professional, I couldn't believe it, but I had to try it. (March 2018)

And she was my salvation, she confirmed that my coccyx was hypermobile but she said, I'll try to decrease all the tensions that you have in your body, all my body was contracted, she told me let me work with you some sessions and lets see if your pain decreases.

She makes me feel comfortable, like if you are with a friend, for me this is really important because the pelvic floor sessions are uncomfortable (someone working with your coccyx manually is not an exciting plan you know...).

I want to share with all the name of the professional: Marta Toribio (see Doctors and specialists in Spain) After 8 months treatment, I can go to a restaurant, if I feel pain, just changing the pelvic posture makes the pain disappear. I'm not perfect but I'm sure that without this treatment I cannot be as I am today.

Today I work in my office with a special Orthopedic chair from the company KULIK SYSTEM. Here is a video about the chair.

I want to share my experience to help others, because believe me, we can do it. Courage to all people with this pain. I'm with all of you.

Kulik orthopedic chair

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