Coccyx pain was severe, then started to go away

Anonymous, India

Posted 2019-06-09

I am a 36 years old female from India and I had been experiencing tail bone pain for the last 3 years in all varied degrees, that is from light to moderate to severe to the most severe. I can say it would entail me to tears, as I have a 5 year old daughter to take care of, and had been having anxiety what the future will be like with this condition.

I had consulted all websites, read the stories of people here too was also planning to go for internal manipulation with named Indian specialist.

I have consulted doctors they advised all the sitting position, tail bone cushion to sit. I have 4 tail bone cushions with me, I use yoga stretches, walking, and I did all together, even I have some 7 days of ultrasonic and lasic therapy. But relief was minimal.

I don't know how, all of sudden it started lessening and I was doubtful how come. I was testing and I saw I am now sitting for more than an hour absolutely without pain. I was so grateful to God. But then when I tested more by increasing duration I started feeling a little pain. That means it can increase if I don't take care.

So looking back I think what I did all this while. I don't know but I can tell about my doings what changes I made with myself:

First take your vitamin D regularly by pills and try adding natural sources. Turmeric milk to alleviate pain.

Second, keep a positive outlook, don't stress yourself for the anxiety, for relationship etc, read good positive books.

Third, walk for at least 30-40 minutes daily.

Fourth I have started wearing silver waistband for about 3 months now. It should touch the skin and I don't know, but my digestion system improved and so my tail bone pain too.

But I am too cautious about my activities because I know what it feels like to be in pain that too tailbone pain.

But I am happy that god showed me result before my patience to deal with it. And before visiting for any manipulation and surgery, I pray and wish god bless all of us. And help all in their journey.

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