Hooked coccyx causing pain

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Posted 2019-06-30

I am now 26 years old and I have been suffering from tailbone pain for 6 years. In the spring of 2013 I was jumping on the trampoline. I landed on my feet and I felt something snap by my tailbone. I immediately knew that it was very bad and for the next few weeks I couldn't sit or lie on my back. This pain did get less and I am now only in pain when I sit. The longer I sit the worse the pain gets. This pain has been consistent over the past years.

I went to the GP several times but she refused to send me to a doctor and said that it had to heal by itself. This went on for almost two years and at some point I went to the GP again and said that I demanded X-rays. I finally got to go to the hospital and the X-ray showed that my coccyx is hooked (see photo). I went to several physical therapists with the X-rays and they all said that the position of the coccyx was normal because I never fell on my tailbone. I went to the hospital again and ended up getting steroid shots twice which both didn't help at all.

I then visited more physical therapists but none of them were able to help me. I then went to Meine Veldman (see Doctors and specialists in the Netherlands) and he saw my X-rays and said that the position wasn't normal and that it was tilted to the right side. He attempted to correct it through manipulation but that didn't help either. He also said that the hooked position shouldn't be the thing that is causing me pain. I then went to a clinic where they again gave me a steroid injection as well as a nerve block. Both didn't help. The interesting thing is that they gave me the injections with the help of a live X-ray so they could see exactly where to give the shot. On the X-ray it was obvious that my coccyx was hooked even more than it was on the old X-ray!

I have now been going to a physical therapist for a year and she has helped me greatly, F-act Pelvic Pain Clinic in Enkhuizen, for all the Dutchies (see Doctors and specialists in the Netherlands). Branca Smit has taught me to relax my pelvic floor muscles which takes away the tight feeling I can produce around my tailbone when I tense up. She also externally and internally manipulated my coccyx to correct it (since it seems that my muscles keep pulling on it). This however does nothing for the pressure pain I experience when I sit. She has decided that she can not help me any further and sent me to another clinic to get another steroid injection in the hopes that with my relaxed pelvic floor and manipulation it would do the trick this time. The shot has been almost two weeks ago so it's a bit early to judge but up until now it is not doing anything at all.

I am so desperate and so saddened that this issue has been the focus of almost all of my 20's. I am personally convinced that the hooked position of my coccyx is what is causing the pain. I think that because the coccyx is positioned inwards so much it is pulling on the ligaments between the coccyx and the sacrum causing it to get inflamed over and over again. However, all the doctors say that they have never seen that before and therefore don't take it seriously and won't consider the hooked position to be the problem.

I was hoping that someone on this website recognizes him/herself in this story and that they have any tips or information for me!

Thank you for reading my story! I will keep you guys posted on my journey.


Hooked coccyx

Update, 2019-07-28

Unfortunately the steroid injection didn't help at all. After that I got new xray's while sitting and standing (see below). My doctor says that on the xray's you can see that I have a hypermobile coccyx. She is however of the opinion that that doesn't change the course of treatment. She suggested that I have another steroid injection one last time and if that doesn't work to try another nerve block.

I am now going to NYC for six months so we will continue when we get back. In the meantime she said that if I can, I should visit dr. Foye in NYC whom she has worked with. There are quite some stories here linked to this doctor so I think it is definitely worth a try. I will update again if and when I've visited him!

Hooked coccyx Hooked coccyx

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