Stretching and strengthening of glutes muscles

Wilson -

Posted 2019-04-28

My name is Wilson from Sydney, Australia. I'm currently 24 years old, and I had a coccyx injury 11 years ago which has rendered me unable sit for long periods of time.

While I have slowly grown accustomed to the pain during these years, my sitting posture slowly deteriorated as I unconsciously tried to find a more comfortable sitting position.

I felt the need to correct this problem sooner rather than later, so I started doing research on coccyx injury treatments, which led me to your site. I ended up contacting AJ physio (see Doctors and specialists in Australia), where Jaclyn Thurley helped me regain my posture through extensive stretching and strengthening of my glutes muscles, which also in turn also helped me attain a sitting position which no longer irritates my coccyx.

Thanks for listening to my story,


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