Testimonial for Robert Giffiths

George, UK - georgeburgess92@gmail.com

Posted 2019-05-12

Robert Griffiths (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) really helped me with my coccyx pain over a period of around six months, helping to reduce my pain and teach me ways to better manage my injury in day to day life, as well as stretches and exercises to assist with recovery.

Bob's a very friendly guy who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed from the first session. I highly recommend him.

Update, 2020-07-05

It's been around 13 months since I completed my treatment with Rob and I've noticed significant improvements to my coccyx. I now sit while working for prolonged periods without pain and my coccyx generally doesn't interfere with my life as it did previously. I still sometimes have some mild pain when sitting in certain positions for a while, though perhaps continued stretching would help this (which admittedly I've stopped doing since it's improved).

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