Segway accident caused coccyx dislocation

Vanessa, UK -

Posted 2019-12-29

My story starts in October 2016, whilst on a family holiday to LA, I did a Segway tour around Beverley Hills. Whilst negotiating a crumbly bit of pavement I hadn't noticed a parked car sticking out of a driveway, which I collided with. This resulted in me falling directly on my bottom, resulting in a very bruised leg (where the Segway fell on me) and a sore bottom. The bruises faded and the pain went and I thought nothing more of it.

Fast forward to around February 2017 I started getting pain in my coccyx, I think it came on gradually, until a point in March when it was totally unbearable whilst sitting. I'm not being dramatic in saying that this pain was life changing. I had a desk job (for the NHS) which involved sitting for long periods, I could no longer work as the pain was so bad, so I started sick leave. I went to see a physiotherapist who treated me for sciatica..... nothing improved and my pain got worse. I had been to see my GP who wouldn't refer me for an MRI or X-rays, he just handed out ever increasing (non-effective pain killers). It wasn't until a friend reminded me of my Segway accident that the link was made, so back I went to the GP, who then referred me for an MRI and X-rays. Finally I thought I would get answers why I was in such incredible pain...... the results came back..... all normal!

I was in a very dark place, the thought of this pain forever was very depressing and I really didn't know what to do. The majority of my time was spent in the only position where I was pain free.....flat on my back spaced out on the 18 different painkillers my GP kept dishing out. My employers had referred me to Occuptional Health to asses my condition.... the lady doing my review was a physiotherapist, she also couldn't find anything wrong and spoke to me about pain being a psychological condition and gave me references for books and websites to read!!!! My GP had reluctantly referred me to a pain clinic, so in a January 2018 I was to have coccygeal injections using local anaesthetic and steroids, I was pinning all my hopes on this working, as by this stage my quality of life was awful and I was getting more and more worn down with horrendous pain. I had the change to my pain, it was change. I felt I was at the end of the line, my life was now one with constant pain (9 out of 10 on the pain scale), I had an undiagnosed condition and I was beginning to think it was psychological and nobody would believe me.

July 2018, I found this website!!! Reading through other people's stories sounded so familiar to mine, I was actually in tears reading through it, as well as feeling emotional it filled me with hope that I could get fixed and lead a normal pain free, drug free life. I immediately made an appointment with Dr Michael Durtnall at the Sayer clinic for the following week (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). When I met Michael, I actually felt like someone was listening to me and understood what I was saying and that in itself was a relief. Michael did some X-rays and then explained his findings. Following my Segway accident my Sacro-coccygeal joint (top joint) had dislocated backwards by 40 degrees and then calcified.......the cause of my incredible pain! I had previously likened my pain to feeling like sitting on a raw, exposed spike......and this was indeed exactly what it was. The sense of relief was incredible!

I started my treatment the following month with weekly appointments with Michael and a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Michael uses various techniques and internal manipulation to break down the calcification. A coccyx cushion was purchased (this goes EVERYWHERE with me). It has been a slow process and it's certainly not an overnight fix, but oh my.....after 15 months of mostly weekly visits, I can tell you I am now 98% fixed!! I don't take a single pain killer, not even paracetamol. I have got my pain free life back! I have even started running (something I have never done in my life) I will still continue to see Michael once monthly now, but will see how that goes and extend the time period in between appointments.

My advice to anyone in a similar situation, make an appointment with Michael (he really is a miracle worker).....oh and never ever go on a Segway!!!!!!

Update, 2021-02-14

Just to update everyone about my progress, I had planned on seeing Dr Michael monthly, then covid came along! My pain is very minimal still (occasional painkiller such as 1 codeine and paracetamol maybe once a month, when needed, nothing on the scale it was before).

As soon as I can I will see Dr. Michael for a maintenance appointment just to make sure my coccyx are as mobile as they can be.

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