Successful coccygectomy in Minnesota

Kathryn, USA -

Posted 2019-10-06

My name is Kathryn and I would like to share my experience with getting a full coccygectomy. I live in Minnesota, USA and my surgery was done by Joel Zamzow in Duluth, MN (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Minnesota).

My injury date was June 13, 2018. I fell down the stairs and dislocated my coccyx to a 90 degree angle inside my body (except for the very top piece of my tailbone). I had several adjustments and they actually pulled that top part out too. I had epidural steroid injections too and did PT but nothing helped.

I had my coccygectomy on September 11 2019 and I am going back to work on September 30 2019. The surgery went amazing, stayed overnight one night on IV antibiotics, and my original pain is gone and all I have now is the sharp nerve jolts from them healing and tightness in my butt muscles around the incision area. He used internal dissolving stitches and then glue on the top layer.

My post op appt was 13 days later and I kept it covered and didn't shower or anything until after that appt. I was able to walk and climb stairs right away and even sit right away but I kept the pressure off of the incision site. Right now it is less than 3 weeks post op and I can't believe my scar is a scar already. No scabs or anything. I'm so happy I decided to go with Dr. Zamzow as I did meet with a couple of other surgeons.

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