Ongoing tailbone treatment

Aman, India -   Contact no. - 08249988017

Posted 2019-09-22

Hello! My Name is Aman from Odisha, India. So here's my tailbone pain story.

3 years back I got a tailbone injury in gym due to heavy weight lifting squats. From there I went to many orthopedic surgeons, neuro surgeons and physiotherapists. But I didn't get any relief. Their was a bit relief say 10%. Million thanks to John Miles for creating such website. After visiting I found Dr. Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India) who is only tailbone specialist from India. I called him and explained about my problem. He called me Delhi to have a Dynamic X-ray and consult him. I went to Delhi, Did x-ray, it showed I have a posterior subluxation. He assured me that it will get cure if I follow his advises sincerely. I got ready for it. So from the same day my treatment started. Today was my fourth day. Mentally I am feeling better. I will update my story after every month of recovery.

Just to clear the fact about doctor. He is a very genuine person. Once you meet him, he will make you comfortable and talk to you very nicely. Unlike other physiotherapist who don't give attention to their patients properly and then their co-physiotherapist start treating them. He is not like that. He personally teach all the exercises, do manipulation (if required) and he personally gives attention to the patients. If you have any kind of tailbone problem (even if your mri's, ct's scans shows clear) then also visit him. He is worth visiting if you suffer from tailbone pain.

I did MRI - it showed clear.

I did CT - it showed clear.

But when because of him I did Dynamic X-ray.

It clearly showed that I am genuinely suffering from tailbone problem.

He is very knowledgeable in his field.

If you want to contact me for your questions. Go ahead. I am there. Feel free to call me anytime. Thank you. I will post my update when I start getting relief.


Update - 2019-11-10

So I went second time for the treatment. Sir called me first on 16 September 2019 which consist of 6 sittings and again called on 16 September 2019 for 3 sittings.

I am feeling a lot of relief. Tailbone pain is better. Dr. taught me certain exercises and advised me to sit on tailbone cushion for next 6 months. So now after taking manipulations and doing exercises regularly I don't feel any pain in my tailbone when sitting (but now I sit on cushion). Earlier when I used to sit on cushion (before treatment) it used to hurt. But now it doesn't.

So now I am doing exercises regularly and sitting on cushion and waiting for 100% cure. Dr. called me again after 3-4 months to get second dynamic x-ray of tailbone to check how much the bone has gone to its correct posture.

Just an advice - If you are suffering from pain / or you are taking treatments. Avoid any kind of sexual activity until the injury gets cured.

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