Coccyx/tailbone pain connected with seating on hard surfaces

Nidhi, India -

Posted 2019-06-30

My name is Nidhi and was just suffering from a constant nagging pain on my back for about 2 weeks. I went to a surgeon who identified it as coccyx/tailbone pain which I immediately connected with my seating on hard surfaces over past few months. While I was given pain killers but somehow there seemed to be still a challenge as it stayed.

Fortunately upon my search from internet I just came across Dr. Rajveer Singh's name (see Doctors and specialists in India) and made an appointment with him and also the good reviews people had given about him (he is based out of Bangalore mainly I believe but fortunately for me I could meet him immediately as he was in Delhi at that time). Fortunately it was initial stage for me and my coccyx X-ray showed nothing but I still decided to go for the same as many people may end up coming late as this is a natural form of healing than going for surgeries I believe.

The best part was the comfort and assurance by him which is really important when one visits a Dr. There was no pressure for hurrying up or urge shown to come immediately despite being probably one of the very few specialist in the country for the same. I decided to go ahead and was given 4 days initially for the treatment. He focused very well on my exercising and the precautions required to heal the same. The treatment went on for 2 days extra and I could feel much better and do when I am writing as well. It's a process of healing and I believe 100% recovery may take a few months but one has to really follow advice. The good part is I felt a bit of challenge in one of the days but he was accessible and advised as well over the phone.

Overall I would like to say the good part is the confidence and passion he carries for his work. I too hope for a speedy recovery (would also like to add it depends on body type and your commitment towards same as well so all must not expect same results).

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