After a fall, the pain grew slowly until it was unbearable

Samuel, India -

Posted 2019-07-07

I am Samuel, age 37 years from Mumbai. I work for a web designing company where I happen to sit for more than 10 hours a day. I had never heard about coccyx or tailbone till I encountered an unbearable pain in my coccyx area which was spreading to my back. I just had a fall from my chair and landed on my buttocks, post the fall I was fine till one month.

After a month slowly my pain started getting intensified and one final day I was not able to sit even for a minute.

This started affecting my work. Then I consulted best orthopaedic in my place. He got my X-ray done for back (not coccyx) and gave me some painkillers & ointment to apply. I did that for two weeks but pain was unbearable.

I started changing doctors as most of them were not helpful to me. One day I was just reading about coccyx pain I got a link and article about Dr.Syeda Mubashira from Bangalore (see Doctors and specialists in India).

Randomly I called her, she asked me to send my X-ray which I did in no time. She explained me about coccydynia and treatment for same. First time I got all my questions answered and she is having so much knowledge about this condition.

I visited Bangalore for 5 days which included Internal manipulation, specifically designed exercises and coccyx cushion. She even taught me back and neck exercises which helped me a lot.

Now it's almost 2 months I am sitting for more than 3 hours without pain. I am also able to sit without cushion for an hour. I just want to convey one message which Dr.Syeda gave me coccydynia is curable and you can live a normal life.

I am so thankful and grateful to her. If you have coccydynia just meet her she is best. I strongly recommend her.

Thank you for reading.

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