Excellent coccyx pain recovery after treatment and exercise

Anil, India - akbhatnagar.adv@gmail.com

Posted 2018-

Hello everyone,

I am Anil Kumar Bhatnagar from Bareilly, Utar Pradesh. I am 60 years old.

I had coccyx pain since February 2018. After a long struggle I met Dr. Rajveer Singh (PT) (see Doctors and specialists in India) via coccyx.org and so thankful to the web site maker.

After one month of treatment and proper follow up I am 70 percent better.

I followed the exercises very sincerely once a day and in the evening I used to go for walk as per doctors advice.

I travelled from Bareilly to Delhi via car with minimal discomfort.

Today I am meeting Dr. Rajveer Singh again for a review. I shall update again.

Thanks and best of luck to everyone.

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