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Laura, UK - Update - Coccyx pain after a very quick birth

Natalie, Australia - Update - Coccyx injury during childbirth

Keerthana, India - Update - I cannot sit normally even for a minute

Mike, UK - Update - My coccyx pain, 36 year old male in Leeds UK

Carl - Update - 4 years of pain and some specialists to consider for Norwegians

Anshumaan Bajpai - Update - Coccyx and lower back pain

Lylima - Update - Dealing with coccyx pain

Sam - Update - Embarrassing bad habit caused my pain

Virginia - Update - Coccyx pain

Kim - Update - Severe tailbone pain for 10 years has wrecked my life

Robin - Update - Scared about coccyx removal

Tammy - Update - Coccyx pain - I'm an ANOMALY?!

Michelle - Painful coccyx after car accident

Denise - Broken coccyx during delivery of baby

Sandy B - In pain again after 30 years

Holly - Horse riding accident, coccyx now removed

Fiona - Wellington, New Zealand, 2 months post-Coccygectomy, doing OK

Emily - Birth/broken coccyx

Anonymous - Coccydynia sufferer, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Deepak Kumar - Personal experience

Alex - No cyst, infection or fracture

Shelly - My coccyx pain I can't figure....

Lavanya - Unstable coccyx ... advise please

Anonymous - Doctor just gave a prescription for some muscle relaxers

Sue - Unable to work since August

Chris - A successful surgery and then a 4-month relapse caused by jogging

Anonymous - Update - Long-term pain with no blunt trauma

Andrew - Physiotherapy and hamstring stretches got rid of the pain

A. R. York - Just diagnosed coccyx pain - familiar symptoms?

Joanna - Improvements

D. Giberson - Exercises give me instant relief

Michele - Manual therapy?

R. K. Hennessy - Tail bone pain finally gone after 11 years

Anne - Success with calcium supplements

Bernice - Recovering from a fall down stairs

Vijaya - Relief with exercises

Vhsmaniam - Coccyx pain treatment given by Dr. Rajveer

Asger - Coccyx treatment

Stephanie - Coccygectomy oct 15 - advice??

Matt - Success with physical therapy in Ohio

Lisa - Surgery over 4 years ago

Karen - Searching for coccygectomy specialist in Phoenix, AZ

Judith - 2 years of coccyx pain relieved in New York City

Jeni - Recovering from coccygectomy

Anonymous - This is absolute hell on Earth

Dick - Help!!

Anonymous - Improvement with tailbone-friendly cushions and manipulation

Robert - Cymbalta

Lisa - Can someone guide me where I can get help?

Yasmin - My story, to recommend a specialist

Natalie - Pregnancy and coccyx

Jack - Not sure what this pain is

Helen - Where now?

Tom - Coccyx injections by Dr. Magaziner, New Jersey

Chrissy - Broke my coccyx originally snow boarding 9 years ago

Rajeev - Suffering

Dave - Pain came back after sitting for 3 hours on a hard seat

Kelly - Don't wait for treatment

Dean - Motorcycle tailbone experience

Christine - Not sure what to do next

Heather - Update - Looking for a surgeon in Alberta

Doreen - Coccygectomy July 15, 2010

Kate - This is NOT something to be embarrassed about

Erin - Infected pilonidal sinus

Susie - Pain relief!

Lettie - Help!

Tonya - The pain is dull while sitting then as I stand it REALLY hurts

Nikki - Trying to find a specialist

Von - Update - My tailbone pain story

Barb - Your pain is real, x-rays can't always pick up coccyx breaks

Neil - 8 weeks post op in California - Wow what a ride!

Iain - Pain in the hips too

Clare - Dr Durtnall cured my long standing coccyx pain

Anonymous - My coccyx story and review of Dr Michael Durtnall, Sayer Clinics

Anonymous, USA - Coccygectomy in S. Carolina - 6 weeks post op

May - No remedy for my tailbone

Hilary - Review - Sayer Clinic, London W8

Jana - My experience with Dr. Brian Chan

Mike - Time consuming, but worth it!

Maurice - Update - Doctor in Australia for continuing pain?

Anonymous - Back support reduces the pain

Anonymous - Fish oil to relieve tail bone pain

Therese - Prolotherapy CURED coccydynia!

Sheila - My story with Dr. Patrick Foye

Pooja Arora - Horrible pain for about 3 months! Hypericum helps

Madavan - Update - Still in pain

Dan - Unable to sit without extreme pain after spinal surgery

Carol - Great idea from Mike with the Allman cushion

Suman.K - Tip of coccyx separated by 4 mm

Candice - There was a loud popping sound and this eerie crunching feeling in my tailbone area

Barbara B - My short story

Jann - Slipped on icy stairs

Anonymous - Surgery for pilonidal sinus cyst left no tissue surrounding my tailbone

Ted - My story, not yet complete

Shari - Cured of pain after discovering food allergies

Mike J. - Two years of coccyx/tailbone pain

Sharon - I only feel the pain when I go to stand up

Kari - Relief without surgery

Heather - Coccyx cushions and supports

Sondra - It hurts...

Joan - Coccyx pain true relief with TENS unit

Chris - X-ray showed I broke my entire coccyx off and it was sitting an entire bone's width posteriorly

Nicole - Had surgery, 9 months later still in pain, had injection which made pain 1000 X worse... out of hope

Anonymous - Update - Tailbone surgery with Dr Kevin Gill

self help 4 backs - A model of the coccyx

Michelle - Fell off my bike heard and felt the crack in my lower back

Lynn - Coccyx finally removed 38 years after being broken

Kirin - My story of success - finally 100% pain free

Suzanne - Suffering since coccyx removed in 1992

Barbara - Has anyone else......?

Angelique - Gaarne een positieve reactie

Andrea - Damaged my coccyx while snowboarding

Meredith - Tailbone pain!

Caroline - Coccyx injury during pregnancy

Roger - Some relief from cortisone shot

Elizabeth - Pain with certain movements

Barbara - Pain, pain, pain!

Alex - We heard a pop during delivery

Nicky - Severe coccyx pain after childbirth

Howard - Chronic pain after removal of coccyx

Latha - Three weeks now

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