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Emily -

Posted 2010-12-12

October 21, 2009, had a 6 lbs 9 oz beautiful baby boy. 4 hrs of quick painful labor. Hour 4 baby got "stuck" on something and wouldn't push through. All of a sudden "POP", a loud popping sound came from me ( i had a epidural, so couldn't feel it), and out came baby. I asked what that sound was (almost made my husband fall out), and my midwife said not to worry about it then. Next morning the epidural wore off, and my butt hurt worse than anything I have ever felt. I got the nurse to come in, called my doctor who told me that the sound was my tailbone breaking. I asked what could be done, she said nothing, and gave me some pain meds to last me a couple of weeks. She also gave me a donut to sit on when I got out of the hospital. They took no x-rays. Needless to say I could not function by myself. Couldn't get out of bed, couldn't hold my newborn baby, couldn't function properly. This persisted for about 3 months, but had to grin and bear it because I had a newborn to take care of and there was nothing they could do...or so they said...

6 months after episode, and I hate to get graphic, but was having a hard time having a bowel movement. It felt like pooping razer blades or broken glass. The pain from tailbone had gone from a 10 to a 7, but now I had other issues. Went to the doctor, complained about pain, pain, pain. She sent me home with some numbing gel. For the next 3 months I actually tried to stop eating because I knew whatever I put into my body had to come out, and actually developed a fear of using the bathroom because of the extreme pain.

9 months came around, couldn't bear it anymore (neither could my husband), went back to the doctor. This time I was very proactive in telling her that something was wrong and I needed to see a specialist, I didn't know which one, but I NEEDED to go somewhere. She sent me to a urogynocologist for possible rectocele. Finally someone would be able to help me. Got to see the uro-gyno, did a very unpleasant exam, and promptly said that he was not the one I need to see, but instead sent me to spinal surgeon.

1 year - got into see the spinal surgeon. He kinda laughed me off, because he did all these tests to see numbness and weakness and all that, bend down touch your toes, etc. He asked me for my x-rays, I had none (no one believed the severity of my injury). He told me that there would be no way I would be up walking around if I had a broken tailbone, but sent me to x-ray just to make sure. Sure enough, he comes into the room, apologizes for his actions, and shows me that my coccyx is not even attached, just floating around in there causing all kinds of problems. He was upset that my initial doctors hadn't given x-rays in the first, second, or even third time I went in complaining of pain.

12-10-10 - going to the "pain management" neurosurgeon as nothing can be done to fix the problem, because it had been to long and all the muscles and ligaments around the coccyx had grown around it, in the wrong place. We are going to try fluoroscopic injections tomorrow, and I remain hopeful, because I have to. Now, this is the only thing besides removal of the coccyx that I have left to try.

I am upset at my doctors, my family, and myself for not treating this as I should have. Always be proactive in your medical care. I might not be in the boat I am in, if I had not listened to all those people telling me it will be fine and that there is nothing that can be done. Now I am going to try this as step 1, and have another appt. with a colon-rectal surgeon to fix all the crap that came as the aftermath to the broken tailbone. Basically I am working backwards, going through horrifying exams, painful treatments, and who knows what is to come. No wonder there is such a thing as coccydynia. The pain, the fear, and the unresponsiveness of doctors to even listen to what you are going through. I can't even sit properly, can't take road trips, can't play on the ground with my now 1 year old, can't do outdoor activities that I used to do. That would depress anybody, hence coccydynia. Please anybody that reads this, and thinks there might be something wrong, get it checked out. No they can't cast it, can't fix it, but they can be supportive, and try to get you through not only the physical, but emotional damage that something like this can cause. And what makes this all silly is the fact that the coccyx is technically not useful, might have been a tail at one point in the past.....

Will update as soon as injection takes effect, or doesn't...we will see....thanks for listening.

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